Hi!!  My name is Angela! Born and raised in Long Island, New York; Hofstra Alumni, wife, mother and lover of all things fashion and gluten free food. I am married to the love of my life, Stephen, and we have two beautiful sons, Luca & Santino. We opened a gluten free market in December 2011 called Strictly Gluten Free. Our love for helping others in the gluten free lifestyle has driven us to want to do as much as we could for our community and beyond.

When it comes to fashion, growing up I always admired my sister and her love for clothes, shopping, and fashion in general. That love for clothes and fashion has definitely grown in me and I knew this would be another great way to help other women. My hopes is that my passion will help other women look and feel their best through creating a great, yet realistic wardrobe for them! Believe me I know that shopping and fashion does not come easy to every girl, it didn’t for me. I did have sister though who I am grateful for helping me. I do hope this blog helps you or that it at least inspires you to express yourself in your wardrobe and dress in a way that represent your own style.

I promise I will always tell you about sales and good deals I find. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!! For inquires or collaborations please email me at lifestyleadmama@gmail.com.